I am István Antal. Regarding my work, I used to run a car mechanic garage, but for some time past, I am not working in this profession anymore. I found a deeper motivation, task in plant cultivation, in taking care of plants. According to these, I consider, that I found the work, which I can do with hearth and soul, and enjoy it. So, I became Fructum Veritas the producer and distributor of products made of real fruits.

I began to grow blackcurrant on a smaller field in 2005. My relatives and friends enjoyed the syrup made of raw blackcurrant, and this sense of satisfaction determined me, to plant blackcurrant bushes on a bigger territory. Today I have more than 1500 blackberry-bushes on a 1 hectare big territory, which I care with love and enthusiasm.

I manufacture my products of eco-raised fruits (syrups, extracts, marmalades), based on the receipt of our ancestors, cold squeezed. Because these raw products became no heat-handling, they are more precious, they keep their natural fruit-flavor, their vitamin content, valuable microelements, and develop healing effects in case of longer and constant use. Blackcurrant is the base of my products, but in addition I harvest and purchase other forest fruits too, from the villages nearby. I harvest the raspberry, blueberry, pine cones, elderberry and rosehip from clean environment, from Hargita and Ghimes mountains, and I purchase the sea buckthorn from recognized producers.

I recommend my products not only in case of diseases, but as refreshment soft drinks and nutrition too, because they have a very important role in prevention of diseases, in strengthening of the immune system.

My goal is, to maximally satisfy my clients, to offer quality service on a realistic price. It is my conviction, that the world would be a better place, if everyone could do, what he really likes.