Buckthorn extract
Buckthorn extract
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Its taste-world is wide, can be acrid, bitter or sour. It is good to known, that the bitter flavors contribute to the regeneration and cleaning process of the liver.

The beneficial effects.

  • Healing and strengthening of the immune system, lipophilic effects, it is metabolism booster, so it helps keeping the optimal weight, but it has optimal effects on gastric ulcer, it is protecting the liver.
  • Because of its high C vitamin content, it is very good in preventing diseases such as cold and influenza. It is raising the resistance of the organism, it has anti-inflammatory effects, it is delaying the aging process, decreasing the cholesterol level of the blood, so it is slowing the atherosclerosis.
  • It is improving the resistance on respiratory infections.
  • It is very benefic with additional treatments on rheumatically complaints.
  • It is improving the function of the eye nerves.
  • In external use, it is benefic in treating burn-wounds, ulcer, mouth-inflammation.
  • It is a good analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent
  • It improves heart functioning, it is blocking the growth of some tumors, it is alleviating the side effects and complaints caused by radiotherapy.
  • It has well-known cosmetically benefits too: blocks the hair loss, slows the appearance of wrinkles, influences favorably the pigmentation processes.